The object of the game is for you to be the first one to find all 50 different state license plates, fill in your "MY PLATES" page and change the map from green to orange.
After the loading page, you'll see a map of the USA. All the states will be green in color, and all labeled with their capitals.

When you see a plate from a different state there are two ways you can record it.

For Example:

You've just seen a car sporting a license plate from Colorado barreling down the freeway. You can tap that state directly on the map, finger-zooming in, if you have too (some of the east coast states are pretty small)....


You can access an alphabetical list of the states from the pop-up menu on the bottom left corner of the screen. Just scroll down until you find the state you're looking for and tap it.

Once you have selected the state you want from the map or the scroll menu, the State Plate Bingo Fact Sheet screen will appear for that state. This will tell you fun facts and figures about the state (which we'll test you in later!) You'll also see two buttons – CONFIRM and DELETE.

Well, you just saw Colorado go past you at high speed so let's go ahead and hit CONFIRM.

You'll hear a "PING" and the map page will reload. Congratulations! You've just got you're first plate! You'll see how the map has changed the color of the state. If you hit the state by mistake, you can just hit the DELETE button and the screen will go back to the map page, with that state remaining in green. No harm, no foul.

So keep your eyes peeled, and get 'em all!

Next to the scroll menu you'll see a button that reads "MYPLATES". This will take you to a page that has a grid of the state names. The MY PLATES page gives you a quick visual reference of the plates you've collected so for. See your Colorado plate sitting there all lonesome? Every time you confirm a new plate from the map or the scroll menu, the corresponding plate will automatically appear on your MY PLATES page.
You can tap each of the plates you collected in the MY PLATES page and the State Plate Bingo Fact Sheet will reappear for that state. Remember what Colorado's State bird was? Just hit CONFIRM again to keep the plate. If you want to get rid of a plate from here, hit DELETE and the plate will disappear from this page, and the state on the map will have turned back to green. You can get back to the map page at any time by tapping the "BACK2MAP" button in the top right corner.

Also on the MY PLATES page is a reset button. If you confirm this action, all the my plates will be lost, the map will revert to all green and you can begin again with a clean slate.

That's how you do it! So start challenging your friends and family!

Can you find all 50?

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